International Conference
Scientific Library as a "Third Place"
Library of the University of £ód¼

The purpose of our conference is to discuss the theoretical assumptions, practical experiences and interesting experiments regarding an academic library as a "third place" and "home away from home"; the place where people can meet "easily, cheaply, regularly and for pleasure", totally informally and only because they feel like doing that. Social needs of the people make us today to go beyond the elementary functions of scientific library and create attractive space for users, or even comfortable one. It is worth to ask:

What changes are necessary in the organizational structure, the image of the institution and the customs of librarians to make library such a space for users? Should the library fulfill its basic function of the "second place" - the workplace for scientists, students and librarians? Could an academic library as an institution become a center of social life, informal public place of meetings? Has such a library a chance to compete with social portals and internet forums in the virtual reality? Should it do that?

The main goal of the conference is a scientific discussion over the following issues:
               -   scientific library as a "third place"
               -   PR, promotion, marketing in the activity of the twenty first century library
               -   the image of the library and librarian, the direction of changes in customs of library workers,
                   the new treatment of readers, "uninstitutionalization" and "informalization" of the library services
               -   new forms of works with users, norms of services in a scientific library
               -   friendly space of library - new forms of organization and circulation of collections
               -   changes in job organization
               -   modern workplaces in a scientific library
               -   library education