International Conference
Library in a Cell Phone?
- the Future of the Library Services

Library of the University of Łódź
June 4th-6th, 2013


Under auspices of:

  President of the University of Lodz
Professor Włodzimierz Nykiel Ph.D.

During our conference we would like to discuss future of the scientific libraries and their services. In the 21st century the progressive development of the computer science and electronics has brought new wave of transformation. Libraries have become more interactive, flexible, oriented towards the readers, and have grown to the role of centers working for information society, whereas they have had to cut down costs and strengthen infrastructure to make it possible to zip up their budgets. Today the only way for libraries is to adapt to new circumstances. "We must take advantage of the new expectations of the digital citizen to determine our bright futures"
wrote British scientist Di Martin. We would like to discuss following issues:

About acquisition and documents storage:
- how to use reasonably the rich offer of electronic documents?
- should libraries make technological selection of documents?
- what we can do with growing collections of data carriers (old tapes, floppy disks, some types of CD), witch we cannot use anymore?

About scientific information:
- modern sources of scientific information,
- information services on-line,
- friendly crawlers and information languages.

About the preparation and circulation:
- the appearance and functionality of the new OPACs with interactive interface, witch could be used via mobile phones and pads;
- law and technical assurance of data made accessible by OPAC
- modern library services for disabled persons.

Education of the modern information users:
- special trainings for information and internet users;
- contribution of libraries in information society development;
- new competence in librarian profession: computer science and education.

M A I N    S P O N S O R S